Disk Recorders & VTR's

EVS XT(2) 6-channel HD LSM system with controller
EVS X-File with Gig-E
Sony HDW-2000 HDCAM 1080i record VTR
Sony HDW-1800 HDCAM 1080i VTR with 3:2 board
Aja Ki Pro rack DDR (Pro Res or Avid DnX)
Omega Video Fast Forward 2-channel DDR
Doremi V1 UHD DDR
Lance Designs TDC-100 disc controller
Lance Designs HSE-100 disc controller
Sony PDW-1500 XDCam recorder with SDI / firewire
DNF Systems ST-400 DDR/VTR slo-mo controller
DNF systems ST-420 Shot Box clip controller
Macbook Pro w/Playback-Pro
& HD-SDI out
Sony DVW-A500 Digital Betacam recorder w/composite
Sony MSW-2000 IMX recorder with SDI option


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